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What I offer


My approach is a solution- and potential-oriented one, the objective being the support of people’s development and the full use of their potential in their business and personal environment.

As a Professional Certified Coach I see my role as that of

  • A Sparring Partner who asks questions in order to raise the level of reflection and to listen
  • A Supporter with know-how and factual input
  • A Solution-oriented Coach
  • A Behavioural Consultant
My goal is to enhance and retain a healthy balance between rational and emotional elements, to open the door between the left and right brain in order to support the full use of the clients’ potential. This approach supports clarity of vision and goals, physical wellbeing, practical implementation, the ability to act, self-confidence and trust in others.

My working approach to Coaching is to gain a clear understanding of the current status quo and the objectives of my coachee/client. I then focus on developing, with my client, a procedure which will be fruitful, future and solution oriented, and of value to my client, based on the principle that everyone has his own best solution within. I support the reestablishment of these resources.

Coaching – Setting Examples

  1. Topic: (New) Orientation
    Where am I today? What can I do? Where am I headed? Development Coaching Established in 2010, begins with short intervals between sessions, intervals becoming longer as coaching develops
  2. Topic: Strategy and procedure in a new leadership position
    ½-day Coaching
  3. Topic: Self-presentation and self-confidence
    For example: Female people manager in a male environment 1 hour Coaching session every three weeks for six months
  4. Topic: Stress-reduction and health
    Two hours Coaching (45 min jogging or walking and stretching together, at a pace which accommodates conversation)
  5. Coaching in motion:
    Coaching can incorporate activities / sports which allow for conversation, such as jogging, golfing, walking and trekking
  6. Topic: Team Coaching – accompanying a team in its development to become a high performance team
    – One day team coaching every two months for a period to be defined
    – Individual interviews with team members prior to ½ day team coaching sessions every two months for a period to be defined flexibly


The basis of diagnostics is defining a current personal status quo positioning.

This is possible in

In a private context I offer diagnostics in the form of a personal definition of status quo which can serve as a:

  • Basis for a coaching process
  • Basis for a new or a re-orientation
  • Basis for own career and development measures

The aim of defining the status quo is to find answers to the following questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I today?
  • What is my potential?
  • Where am I headed?

In a business context I offer diagnostics in the following settings:

  1. Beginning from a personal status quo definition as

    Basis for a coaching process
    Basis for a new or a re-orientation
    Basis for own career and development measures

  2. Recruitment and selection assessments, Management Audits
    (individual and group settings)

  3. Development and support assessments (group settings):
    To recognise and create a strengths and development profile and from there define development measures

My approach to diagnostics incorporates behaviour and actions as well as diverse tests (e.g. MIND ONE PotentialPLUS) and questionnaires, as required.

Diagnostics – Setting Examples

  1. Promotion and Development Assessment
    For a group of employees in an organization an individual strength and development profile is recommended to enhance further working and development plans as well as to define future career paths.
  2. Personal Positioning
    A person mid-career (perhaps aged 40) wishes to reflect on the issue of remaining career and seeks clarity on personal future goals.
  3. Recruitment And Selection
    A vacancy is to be filled either with an internal or an external candidate. The best fit based on the defined criteria will be selected during the assessment.

Workshop Moderation

After a needs analysis and goal definition, I create a process oriented concept (through the use of appropriate tools, by doing, and through gaining experience).

My main fields of interest are

Workshop Moderation – Setting Examples

  1. Moderation of a kick-off and final module of a 1 ½ year professional curriculum for youth judges and attorneys
    A curriculum in the public sector consisting of 6 modules where I focus on personal positioning, a personal development plan, communication and collaboration
  2. Team development with top executives
    Workshop with 20 top executives after a merger, to create and define common goals, procedure and cooperation rules and tools
  3. Coaching tools for managersTransferring know-how and tools to a group of line managers
  4. Team building workshop (see also team coaching)
    Following formation of a new team within a specialist department, a workshop is held to implement collaboration team goals and tools e.g. Workshop “On Stage”: The team prepares a theatre play including marketing plan, programme and press conference.
  5. Moderating important executive meetings
    As an external moderator facilitating important strategic meetings

About Me

Carmel Lee Paul

CLP my initials and at the same time the name of my company Coaching – Life – Personality, which matches my principles and values. This, for me, means supporting people to see clearly, to recognise themselves and to enhance their personal development. I was born into an Austro-Irish family and have worked and lived for several years in different European countries as well as overseas in North and Central America. As a result I am not only passionate about personal development issues but also about differences in cultures and countries. My working style is characterised by empathy for, enjoyment of, and curiosity about others, coupled with broad expertise and know how in HR and leadership issues as well as a practical and pragmatic implementation approach.
I have 30 years’ experience in coaching and counselling and I have accompanied hundreds of people in their professional and personal development. I do this with great respect and much admiration and awe for the openness and potential of people.

  • Business degree at the Vienna University of Economics with a Master’s degree in International Business Administration
  • University degree in tourism
  • Diverse certification in counselling and therapy in the USA, Australia and Europe (Robert Hoffman Institute USA, Harry Palmer Training, Herbert Jilg Training in Austria, Peter Schellenbaum in Switzerland, Gerd Ziegler in Germany)
  • “Professional Certified Coach” certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with diverse Coach Formations and Certificates:
    • Kieler Modell of Uwe Grau with E. Eichmann (1997)
    • Master of Science in Coaching at the PEF University in Vienna – Solution-focused approach by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg (2000)
    • Certified Erickson Professional Coach – “The Art and Science of Coaching” by Erickson International, Vancouver, Canada (2015)
  • Continuous development and training in systemic work with Insoo Kim Berg, Marshall Rosenberg, Ben Furmann, Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kibed
  • Master of Advanced Studies in International Personnel and Organisational Development
Professional Career
  • Purchasing Manager in an International Trading company
  • Founder and Manager of an Institute for Adult Education and Personality counselling
  • HR Manager
  • Senior consultant in the area of personal and behavioural development
  • Independent consultant and coach
  • International working experience in USA, Asia Pacific, Australia, Africa, CEE, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria
What are my strengths?
    • Experience – life, crisis and knowledge of people
    • Intercultural / international competency (personal biography, experience with my working languages being German, English and French)
    • Flexibility (content-wise, time-wise, location: online –coaching possible)
    • Empathy for, interest and believe in people as well as the deep wish and vision to support development with joy


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      Networks and Cooperations

      logo ITO

      ITO – Individuum Team Organisation Personalmanagement GmbH

      ITO is an international consulting company with core services in diagnostics and personality questionnaires (MIND ONE PotentialPLUS). Since 2015 ITO is official partner of Erickson Coaching International for Austria offering the Erickson TASC (The Art and Science of Coaching) coaching qualification.
      My topics: extensive Diagnostic Projects and the provision of Talent Management Programs and Online Tests as well as supporting the Erickson Coaching TASC program

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      Elccon is an expert network for change management, consulting and coaching. With experience and empathy we accompany changes in companies, social organizations and in life. Our services range from change management, coaching, personal development and energy work to all-round leadership support.

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      Office: Lederergasse 28/Top 26, 1080 Vienna

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